Wealthy Affiliate Review – Scam or not, Raw or Real Deal?

You are convinced that there is money to make online, and indeed there is, millions of any currency. You do not know where to start. Many options present themselves but you do not even know how to weigh your options. You do not want to waste your money and time trying this and that only to see it dissipate in your hands before your eyes.

I want to introduce you to a website that will help you make sense of your options. It is completely free to try it and you may stay free if you so wish. I am talking about Wealthy Affiliate

I am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and in this post, I will be sharing what I have found it to be. Specifically I will be considering whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or not, a raw or real deal, whether it is worth even a visit.
I will try to present it the way it is to the best of my knowledge and experience and then give a final opinion.

To start with, what is Wealthy Affiliate, WA?
Wealthy Affiliate is primarily an online Education Program specializing in the area of training and mentoring budding and experienced online business entrepreneurs. By the time you are done with their training, you are a Certified Online Entrepreneur.

But in a secondary sense, WA is an Affiliate Program. This means that depending on your efforts, you can earn some substantial income along the way as you train and far beyond after your training.

OK, so precisely, what do they teach…
There are two core training pathways – The Entrepreneur Certification Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp.

In the certification course, there are 5 levels each with about 10 lessons. I will Itemize the 5 levels here. The first level is detailed showing all you cover within this level.

Level 1 – Getting Started – Here is what is included in this course:

The other levels follow and they are similarly structured.
Level 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Generating Website
Level 3 – Making Money
Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement
Level 5 – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation.

And in the Affiliate Bootcamp
There are 7 levels in this course. Bootcamp Course #1 here is pretty much like level 1 under the Certification course.

Instruction is by:
• Screenshot illustrated text
• Audio – video
• Hands on task oriented – you are given tasks – especially to do on your website for every lesson.

What is offered?

You can participate in the WA program in two ways – as a Starter or as a Premium member. Even calling one a Starter I would say is a inaccurate since one can stay in that status for as long as they wish. Here are the differences:

Starter Membership:
• 100% free
• No time limits – You can stay as long as you want. You can quit whenever you want. No obligations.
• No payment details required – Probably you know that feeling when you’ve been told that a trial is free and after you have given in your personal information, then, you cannot complete registration unless you submit your credit card details. Not so here. It is there impossible to be billed unless you have deliberately gone premium.

As a starter member, here is what you get.
1. The whole of Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course

2. Access to a very lively and ever willing to help community of experts in different areas – you ask if you need help, you answer questions, you post blogs, you network with others in the community.

3. Access to blogs, training tutorials and videos by community members and the founders of WA

4. 30 keyword searches in the WA keyword search tool

5. Participate in the WA affiliate program – earn $11.75 commission per month recurring for each referral as long as your referral stays premium. You can share any blog post or any training module on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ your website or via email and get revenue for anybody that signs up through your affiliate link.

6. Two free websites – Hosted at WA for as long as you want. Take less than a minute, yes one minute, to create a fully functional website using the SiteRubix platform in 4 simple steps.

You can build your site on a free domain, on a domain you already own or register a new domain there and then.

By the end of level 1, you:
• Have understood the process of earning money online
• Have understood what a niche is and have chosen one of your interest
• Have got two free domains and built your websites on them using SiteRubix
• Have set up the website(s) ready for long term online success
• Have learned how to set-up your website navigation – creating and customizing menus and widgets on your site
• Have understood and activated your website plugins
• Have understood how to set up plugins that maximize website efficiency
• Have optimized your website for search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing
• Have created your very first page of content on your website
• Interacted with other fellow marketers and aspiring marketers through live chat
• Understood the role of keywords and the process of keyword research.
Again as stated earlier, at this stage, you may decide to remain Starter if you so wish. Actually, you can potentially earn your premium subscription as a Starter member through the affiliate program so you never have to spend a dime.

===> If this sounds like something you would like to try you may start here.

NOW what about Premium Membership?

Premium membership will cost you:
• $19 for the first month if you sign up for it within the first week of opening your account as a Starter member.

• $49 per month thereafter

• $359 Annual membership (Discounted to about $30 per month).

Your package as a premium member:

Private personal mentorship from the Founders/Owners of WA – You send a private message to Kyle (have interacted mostly with Kyle) and within less than 24 hours you have a reply from him with the additional note that you may ask “as many times as you need. I am here to help you every step of the way! :)”
Full access to all courses as previously outlined.
Weekly live video training: The sessions are 60 – 90 minutes and at the end of each session, there is a live question and answer session.

Website hosting: You can host up to 50 websites – 25 of them free and 25 your own domains either purchased at WA or transferred from other providers.

WA does the seamless migration of your domains. You may want to check out how much it costs to host one site per month. It could be anywhere around $10 per/month per site. Now you do the math, how much it would cost you to host just 10 sites per month.

The hosting package comes with:

• Hosting security
• SSL certificate
• Fast loading time -1.3s
• Site backup every 24 hours
• 500,000 visitors per month bandwidth
• 30 GB website space
• Unlimited e-mail accounts
• And much more.
• Full SiteRubix Website Suite: This SiteRubix thing I guess sounds strange to you but it simply means their platform that manages everything related to websites. It manages, builds … your site. Here is what it entails:

Networking: You get to network with industry experts through live chat, blogs and their free training.

Classrooms: There are 13 classrooms – In these classrooms, you ask more area specific questions and you get detailed answers to your questions.

• Unlimited access to the Keyword Search Tool: Keywords as the name suggests are key to choosing which words to include in posts and pages. These are the words that are frequently searched for in search engines.

If your content is keyword rich, your site has a chance of ranking highly in searches. You therefore need a tool to help give you the numbers – how many times a phrase is searched for, how many competing websites already have that phrase and other metrics.

So if you take on the annual subscription ($359), you are basically paying about $30 per month for all the services we just listed.

Now, that is the cost of just hosting 3 websites somewhere else, let alone the quality of that hosting. That is a massive saving considering that you can host up to 50 websites within your subscription at no extra cost.

My final take on WA.

If you have read this far, by now you may have made your opinion about WA. My opinion is that WA is nowhere near a scam. It is the ultimate place you want to start your affiliate marketing journey. There is nothing shady about WA. No hidden costs, no upsells whatsoever, no obligations, no compulsion. Free entry, free exist. I think it is the real deal.

If you are looking for some real fundamental, step by step training from no idea to a thriving business, training in principles and practices of online businesses, it’s a place you want to try.

I highly recommend it. You do not LOSE anything by checking it out yet it could potentially change your life for the better for ever. Still wondering which way?


You want to try Wealthy Affiliate and see it for yourself? Try it here.

If you have any questions or comments, your are welcome to leave them below. We will do our best to come back to you. Thank you for reading.

All the best in your online endeavors.

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