First off, what is affiliate marketing?
“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” Wikipedia.

The power of affiliate Marketing
Now, these two words, “affiliate marketing” appear simple. Don’t they? Yet they can potentially change your financial situation forever for the better, so that struggling to pay your rent, mortgage, name it shall be a thing of the past. Most successful online marketers will trace affiliate marketing as the foundation, their entry point into online business.

Affiliate marketing is arguably one of the easiest (as compared to other online businesses) and one of the most profitable of all online business, one of the only ways you can consistently make a full time income as you generate revenue from multiple sources all running on autopilot hands down.

How easy is it?

To appreciate the ease of the idea of Affiliate marketing, imagine Apple is selling their latest phone at $1,000 but a hefty 40% of that amount (that is $400) is due to any affiliate who may sell the phone.

So instead of being the owner of Apple, who has to process orders, manage staff and deal with customers, manage inventory or handle returns and exchanges, all you need to do is to take you position outside and invite customers to buy.

Now every time a customer you have invited buys a phone, you are paid, $400. If no customer buys, you just walk away. You are not concerned about storage, production, security, staff salaries – nothing.

If this is not working out for you, the following day, you go to promote Microsoft products. But with the internet, you can actually promote both at the same time without your physical presence at the gate of either. This is the whole idea of affiliate marketing.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can start making money instantly. Affiliate marketing will provide you with the essential platform you can immediately spring from to start making money.

Affiliate marketing is the most lucrative opportunity to get involved in or at least to get started with for a number of reasons. The following and many more not mentioned are the reasons why most budding and experienced internet marketers consistently depend on it to build their online financial fortunes without ever having the need to create their own products.

1. Accessible to all and easy to do

Anyone who can educate themselves on the topic and consistently commit themselves to act upon what they learn,  will surely be successful as an affiliate marketers.

It may take some  effort to make a reasonable income with affiliate marketing

but with persistent effort, success is assured. Whether you are student, stay home mom or dad, wheel chair bound, retired, you can do affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to internet marketing or not, you can become a very successful affiliate marketer. There’s no expensive software, sophisticated terminology, impossible to use tools, or programming training needed. This does not mean you will not be called upon to exert yourself, it simply means that what you will be doing is not difficult to master.

2. It is budget friendly and risk free

As an affiliate marketer, you have no production, inventory or rent costs because you are not selling your own products. Therefore, no serious upfront starter capital is required.

All you need to start is a laptop and an internet connection. Seriously, with that you can build an empire. If it does not work out for you, you just quit. No losses. It doesn’t get better than that.

You only need to focus all your efforts on choosing profitable products to market, and drive traffic to your affiliate links so that you can generate sales and thereby earn commission from every sale.

With your laptop and internet connection, the next two items you will need are: a domain name and a hosting account. You can get both for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

Now this is an example of affiliate marketing. What I just gave you is my affiliate link at Wealthy Affiliate. In this business, you will also have to give your affiliate links to others in order to make money. We will talk more about Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate links in subsequent posts.

3. The Potential to Earn is Enormous
All over the internet and offline from all walks of life, there are affiliates who earn tons of cash a year just affiliate marketing. The profit potential is just out of this world. With a good action plan as you will find on this site and willingness to learn and act on your learning you will be the next success story as many that have gone on before you.

4. The size of the “market”
You simply cannot begin to exhaust the products or services you can market. Whichever direction you look, in all categories (technically called niches) of products, there are thousands of businesses waiting for you to market their products. I will mention some: health, finance, business, cars, watches basically anything that people buy. It is up to you to choose which way you want to go.

5. It is a fair and Location independent system

Business Vacation

Though very few businesses are restrictive along some lines, largely you are not placed at a disadvantage because you live in a certain part of the globe, you can work from anywhere in the world, anytime as long as you have your facilities;

There is nothing like you have you joined late or there are no job openings. No, every business wants to sell and they don’t care who sells their product. Generally, your success depends on your efforts.

6. Passive character
At the beginning, no one knows exactly for how long, you will need to work a little harder. There will be lots of things to learn, there will be obstacles to surmount, frustrations to overcome and results to achieve.

But with time, income does become passive. This means that even when you are sleeping or hospitalized, your business continues to generate income for you.

As long as people are buying through your affiliate links, you make money. Some of the operations that require your personal input can with time be automated or outsourced. You do not have to do everything yourself. More on this later.

7. You are Your Own Boss

Yes you guessed it, as an affiliate marketer, it is your business, you make the decisions, you set your own goals, you decide how much effort you are going to put behind every decision and every goal. Work at your own pace, forget the alarm clock in the morning and the deadlines. It up to you.

However I hope that you realize, that with this freedom comes a heavy responsibility. Your success depends entirely on you. You have no system to fall back to. You want to bear this in mind. Don’t you?

8. You Learn without Risk

Finally, there will come a time, when you want to slow down and let other people be your affiliates. That time is when you want to create your own products. It is at this point that all the experience you acquired while promoting other people’s products risk free, will prove invaluable.

As an affiliate marketer, you have learned all you needed to know to run your own successful affiliate business. You have acquired all this knowledge, experience and a host of skills at the expense of others. We agree that it is a great way to learn without any risk to yourself. Don’t we?

This was intended to show you, the opportunity affiliate marketing holds out to you. The choice is for each one of us do decide which way we will go. But I hope that you are in a better position to make that choice.

In the coming posts and resources, we will discuss in more detail, the nitty-gritties and the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing.

On this site you will find a lot of resources addressing different aspects of affiliate marketing ranging from niche selection, choice of products, generating traffic (visitors to your site), high paying affiliate programs, tools, and where to get training. You are welcome to go around and freely use all the resources available on the site.

In case you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to leave them below and I will be glad to come back to you. Thank you for reading.
To your success.


  1. Great info on Affiliate Marketing and how it works, is there any resources or training online you might recommend?

  2. Very interesting! I especially like being able to make my own schedule. I don’t mind working long and hard, but to be able to have flexible hours is awesome. I’ve checked out some ads for get-rich-quick schemes that sound like total scams.. Affiliate marketing sounds much more realistic! Thanks.

  3. Great introduction to affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketing is indeed an attractive way to get started for an online business. You have listed out all the key reasons and personally, I like the fact that with affiliate marketing, you can get paid for your frank assessment of products. You are not just there to duplicate info but also to give your opinion on products which is the value add to your visitors, subscribers.

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