“Though the road be rough and thorny, Trackless as the foaming sea, Thou hast trod this way before me, and I’ll gladly follow Thee.”

You’ve probably heard or read that hymn.

The road to building a successful online business is rough and thorny. It may appear trackless but it is because there are so many tracks that blur the surface.
Someone, yeah indeed many have gone before you, and if you gladly follow, you will reach where they have reached. Yeah, you will go beyond.

This page is intended to help you fortify your mind, to show you that it will take an effort, it will take consistency, it will take playing fair, it will take patience. Building a successful online business could well be one of the toughest calls of your life, but at the end, it pays and it’s worth every effort that you put in.

When you finally experience the freedom and earning potential of an internet business, you will look back and say it was worth the fight. Therefore, from the outset, dig in, brace yourself. It is not going to be easy. No good thing really ever came easily.

Many of us start with a desire and hope to make money and it is a good thing because we all need the money. But for some reason, we do not give it the attention, the effort, the resources it deserves to be worthwhile.

We treat it as a side thing, we have nothing to lose. So when we encounter the slightest obstacle, real or imagined we give up. And we congratulate ourselves – I knew it wouldn’t work.

But why didn’t it work for you when it has worked for others? Because you did not do what they did to succeed. Having the right mindset is your first and most important lesson before you start any training (many trainers will not tell you this), before you spend a single dime and before you waste your time.

The Right Mindset
The right mindset is one that recognizes the enormity of the task at hand, that discerns the prize to win, that evaluates what it will take to gain that crown and resolves to pay the price to achieve it. A mindset that will not let the hand off the plough once placed there, a mindset that will not quit. This is the starting point of the road ahead.

You will meet new things, new terminologies to understand and to apply, new skills to learn, different entities to deal with – a host of different things. And all this may appear overwhelming and the easy way out is to quit.

But even what appears as failures and difficulties are great lessons. By the time you are done with a problem, you have learnt so much around it and beyond that you could never have learned otherwise. This will prove extremely helpful along your road to success.

Let your mistakes be stepping stones..
You will fear to make mistakes or wasting your time. But mistakes are the strokes of the master artist every successful internet marketer made on their canvas. At the end they produced masterpieces.

All of us have made mistakes and continue to make them. But as it was when we were learning how to walk, so it is when we are trying something new. With every fall, we became steadier and fell less often until we perfected walking. Yet occasionally, even monkeys fall from trees.

Keep walking..
So, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Learn from them. Get up and keep walking. As long as you are constantly in motion, you will reach one day.

Your greatest enemy is to stop moving. You see when you stop, you lose momentum, you get new ideas, you forget where you were going. To regain that momentum (if you ever regain it anyway) will take twice the effort you needed to start in the first place and much more than you needed to keep in motion.

Keeping in motion means getting up every day (save for one day) and doing something on your business, learning and taking action on your lessons. What this means is that if you watch a video on how to install WordPress, go and install it.

Go out, try building a website, fail, go to YouTube, and search for what you want to do, go back and do it. You will be amazed at how much knowledge you acquire in doing just that.

You cannot learn anything if you are not taking action on your lessons. This cannot be overemphasized. This is the Road Ahead of you.

The takeaways:
• The road ahead is not easy but you are well able to walk it
• Do not be discouraged by obstacles – surmount them
• Do not fear to make mistakes – learn from them
• Learn, learn and learn
• Take action, take action, take action
• Whatever you do keep moving.

Again I say: “constantly stay in motion.” There is an object lesson in the
featured picture on this page. That is the road. It may be winding, but there is light at the end of the road. Take that to be your success. You will finally reach it if you do not quit. All the best.

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